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Xenos (Ξένος) Surname DNA Project

I am regularly asked "How are we Xenos related?" Well DNA is the answer. There is now available Genealogy Y chromosome DNA testing. The Y chromosome is only passed from father to son. Women have to get a male relative to donate.

This DNA is in the areas that changes very slowly. In fact it use to be called junk DNA.

The sample is taken from a cheek swap.

There are several levels of testing, 12, 25, 37, 67 chromosome. The more chromosome tested, the closer our common ancestor can be predicted. I did the 67 chromosome test.

After thinking about this for five years, I selected FamilyTreeDNA.com to do my testing. They are the company that is doing the testing for the human DNA research "Genographic Project" for the National Geographic Society, IBM and the Waitt Family Foundation

For more DNA information read DNA TUTORIAL

At all times the donor has full control of what happens to the sample and the test results. You may submit the sample as your (Paratsoukli) Xenos.

In order find our common Xenos ancestor,

  • I started the XENOS Surname DNA Project
  • I joined the GREEK DNA Project
  • There is a major discount if you order your DNA testing thru any of the Projects at FamilyTreeDNA.com

    I have identified about 50 Xenos Paratsoukli. This means that are at least 50 Xenos branches to see if we are all related or to find out how many different Xenos Trees are out there.

    If you are interested in DNA testing, please contact me. xenosdenis@gmail.com

  • A) You can joined the XENOS Surname DNA Project and be tested
  • B) You can help pay for others to do DNA testing by CONTRIBUTING to Xenos Testing.
  • C) You can do the Xenos DNA research and explain the results to all
  • More DNA Information Comming.