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I have heard two different stories about how the Xenos family got our name. The first is, as Ξένος means, stranger, foreigner or guest . it was given to strangers who moved into a new area, the name becoming as common in Greek as Smith is in English. The second is, about a stranger who wanted to be alone for some reason. He moved into the remote mountains of Zakynthos, had children, and over time his descendants moved on. If possible, I would like to find the real facts. Until then, I am leaning to towards the second story for the following reasons:

I have found 1632 Xenos families on the WWW, 1297 in Greece, 157 in USA, 55 in Netherlands, 47 in Australia, 43 in Canada, 18 in Germany, 7 in Italy, 5 in Belgium, and 3 in UK. I am sure there are more. 1074 (83%) of the Xenos families in Greece live in 8 of 217 (4%) areas: 630 in Athens, 174 in Zakynthos, 76 in Patra, 64 in Thessalonikis, 54 in Pyrgos, 32 in Amaliada, 28 in Rafena, and 16 in Korinthos. The remaining 223 Xenos families in Greece live in 60 of 217 (27%) areas. This means that there are no Xenos' in 149 of 217 areas or 69% of Greece. So Xenos is not as common as Smith, so some flavor of the second story is probably the right one. Please let me know what you have heard.

Mostly thanks to government officals, I have found 40 varitions of the Xenos (ΞΕΝΟΣ) surname. They include: Kenas, Kenos, Xaems, Xamas, Xamis, Xamnos, Xamos, Xanas, Xanis, Xannos, Xanos, Xemos, Xenas, Xenes, Xenias, Xenicz, Xenies, Xenios, Xenis, Xennis, Xenos, Xenou, Xenys, Xinis, Xinos, Xionis, Xnos, Xonos, Xynos, Zanas, Zaneis, Zanes, Zanis, Zanos, Zenas, Zenes, Zenos, Zenus, Zinos, Zivas

  • Xenos appears 443 times in the 2000 US Census
  • Xenos is the 45,482nd most common US family name
  • 1 out of every 625,000 Americans have the surname Xenos
  • 90% are White
  • 6% are More than one race
  • 2% are Hispanic
  • 2% are Asian