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What is Paratsoukli

Greece was a paternal society. When a bride got married her father would give a dowry. The new couple would typically move into the groom's family home. As in a lot of cultures, the Xenos' kept repeating given names so that you would have many relatives with the same name e.g. Panagiotis Xenos. It got confusing, as there would be several Panagiotis Xenos' in town. So, each family became known by their "family nick name" or "paratsoukli".

One paratsoukli started when the Boziki family had only one child, Kiriakoula Boziki. The bridegroom, Panagiotis Xenos, moved into the Boziki's family household. The use of a paratsoukli is informal and works like is: "You know, the Panagiotis Xenos that moved into the Boziki's place". Over time it became " the Xenos' at the Boziki's" or as I show it Xenos-Boziki.

Of 1632 Xenos, 15 first names, in the either the male or female form, are given to 60% of us they are: George, Nicholas, Ioannis, Dionysios, Dimitrios, Panagiotis, Kosta, Michael, Andonis, Anastasios, Christos, Maria, Ecatarina, Athena and, Sofia etc. There is relatively small number of Xenos families and we keep reusing the same first names, as we name our children after grandparents and other relatives. These facts suggest that we are all probably related. In three branches of the Xenos tree I have gone back 7 generations.

I have connected 1632 Xenos in 405 families who live in Greece, Canada, USA, Australia, Brazil, Finland and Great Britan. They represent 48 paratsoukli (family clans). They are: Alifieris, Baliakras, Bennes, Boziki, Ceres, Daklas, Fiolitis, Galiotos, Gois, Hilas, Karoubas, Karousos, Katanikos,Kinigos, Klitsis, Kolegakis, Kolozonos, Korasios, Kounos, Kozovas, Lagios, Lenardos, Leonidis, Lianos, Loukas, Malfiris, Menegos, Morris, Nikolakis, Nikolaras, Nikolos, Paladinos, Paleos, Panagaris, Passametzas, Patroni, Petralias, Provista, Rocolios, Theodorakis, Tourlaki, Travlos, Tserlias, Tsifilas, Tzaris, Vangelis, Vikos and Voutos.